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Anyone can write a will, but not everyone can write a tax efficient will. With Deborah Bowers Will Writing Services you are informed about how the inheritance tax provisions may affect your will writing decisions.

This is significant as such information may help you decide whether a gift should be given to a beneficiary free of inheritance tax or whether you should instruct that the beneficiary be responsible for the inheritance tax which may arise in relation to the gift.

Will Writing Services

Deborah Bowers Will Writing Services offer a professional service, provided by a STEP Certified, Will Writer, who is experienced in the field. Deborah Bowers is the author of How to write a Tax Efficient Will, readily available on Amazon: This book currently in its second edition. The first edition was a #1 Bestseller on Amazon. It is written in plain words, providing a clear understanding of all the technical terms used in Will Writing and sheds light on several inheritance tax scenarios.

The book covers for example what needs to be considered whilst single, married, single with children, married with children, divorced. In this second edition we explore not only the inheritance tax provisions, in relation to achieving a tax efficient will. We also cover Lasting Powers of Attorney. The book is available on Kindle, Paperback and hardcopy. Secure your copy today at:

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Legal Consultancy

Deborah Bowers Will Writing Services caters to the needs of a range of persons, from various economic, social or cultural .

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Buy Tax Efficient Will

Sometimes you may wish to sample a product or service before you buy. In order to achieve this in relation .

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Tax Efficient Wills

If you are interested in a professional will which highlights your potential Tax Efficient Wills, with a view to reducing .

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Family Wealth Preservation

Protect your loved ones for generations to come with a will or Lasting Power of Attorney from Deborah Bowers Will Writing.

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Financial Decisions

Life is unpredictable and sometimes it is necessary to harness the assistance of others in reation to our financial decisions.

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Health & Care Decisions

Sometimes, we all need someone to lean on. During periods of ill health or our health deteriorates, due to age or ill heath.

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Home Visits

It is not always possible to leave home to access a service. Deborah Bowers Will Writing Service is sensitive to the needs of those who are not able to commute or leave home to give instructions for their Wills. We therefore provide services to meet your needs.

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