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Protect your loved ones for generations to come with a Will and Lasting Power of Attorney from Deborah Bowers Will Writing Services. Deborah Bowers Will Writing Services is a family generation advisor. You will be alerted to how your will writing decisions may help protect your generations to come or prove less advantageous to them. It is best to get family generation advice as you consider your circumstances to enable you to make the best decision having taken all of your circumstances into account. Information on how to protect family generations is useful as you are better able to plan for the future of your children, and grandchildren. It is important to appreciate for example which assets are considered to be part of your estate, and which fall outside your estate.

The age at which you would like your children and grandchildren to inherit or whether you would prefer the accumulation of funds for a number of years before they are distributed. It may be possible for example to pass on an asset which falls outside your estate tax free of inheritance tax, to the next generation.

Deborah Bowers Will Writing Services offer a professional service, provided by a STEP Certified, Will Writer, who is experienced in the field. Deborah Bowers is the author of How to write a Tax Efficient Will, readily available on Amazon: This book is written in plain words, providing a clear understanding of all the technical terms used in Will Writing and sheds light on several inheritance tax scenarios.

The service provided also includes advice on Lasting Powers of Attorney for financial and health and care decisions. Contact us for advice whatever your circumstances, single, married, single with children, married with children, divorced.

How to Write a Tax Efficient Will Course enables you to decide whether you should write your own Will. It is available at: STEP Certified Advanced Will Writers, such as Deborah Bowers are trained to be family generation advisors, providing you will expert advice. The book and course alert you to aspects of your will for consideration such as Trust.

You can SUBSCRIBE to Deborah Bowers Will Writing Services on YouTube, at: were, you are provided with explainer videos on the intestacy rules in England, Wales and Scotland.

If you are interested in a professional service, peace of mind and guidance through the maze of will writing, and family generation advice, Deborah Bowers Will Writing will provide you with the help you need. Book an appointment online today or call +447981810322.

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